- a new dynamic shooter farthing on the whole screen, an online game for survival, which is made in the form of an exciting and interesting war. At the same time, several dozen players will compete for the championship at the same time. Team competition does not work out - here each for himself. In a serious and tense confrontation, only one must survive - the most dexterous and courageous fighter, the rest will die a brave death and give their experience points to the winner. Dare to test your strength in this war, show maximum dexterity and tactical talents. Remain the only survivor in the vast arena of hostilities.

Features of the gameplay

Fortnite.ioBefore the start of will offer to choose one of the skins and come up with a name for your hero. Nickname - a prerequisite for him, each player can identify themselves on the site and track achievements in a special rating table. Not all skins are freely available, some of them will have to be opened as the gaming experience is set.

The entrance to the game is also unusual: you will get to the point of collision on a huge passenger plane, and descend to your destination by parachute. For a landing, select the landing location on the map to the right and click on it with the left mouse click. After landing, immediately start fighting for the championship.

All events will occur on the rough terrain, executed in colorful 2D graphics. On a green area, periodically there are various plants, pebbles and buildings. But do not flatter yourself - hide behind them, not work. As soon as your character tries to hide behind some elevation, immediately around him begins to rise poisonous gas, which at an incredible speed will reduce the vitality of the protagonist.

To avoid death, never stop for a long time, constantly move, look for advantageous positions and shoot enemies at point-blank range and from ambush. Keep track of the number of surviving enemy infantrymen on the plate at the top of the screen. Look for them on the map and kill without a twinge of conscience. Only a clearly worked out plan, properly constructed tactics and strategy will allow you to achieve the set goal.

Armament and management GameplayIn the beginning, you will not have any weapons, you will only rely on your own strengths and big fists. For a long time you will not remain unarmed: in the premises and in the closed boxes are hidden pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, machine guns. Search them, break locks, open covers and locks and add all new weapons to your storage.

Also, there is a chance to beat off the arsenal of the destroyed enemy. After you destroy it, all its supplies will be transferred to you in the form of a military trophy. Finding a new, more powerful weapon, do not rush to throw out the old one, has a roomy storage that will allow you to save a lot of protection items and change them as needed.

Management is also not particularly difficult. In order to play on the whole screen, it is enough to use only a few keys on the computer keyboard and use the mouse. For movement, the ASDW keys respond, for shots - click with the left mouse button or spacebar, the E button will help lift items from the ground. Play and win, enjoy every minute of the confrontation along with this online game.