game game - an exciting online shooter, which will certainly be liked by all admirers of quality shooters. The game is played until the last soldier, only one must survive and win: the strongest, clever and successful fighter, the one who will be the most prepared and develop the best strategy of fighting. Try your strength and try to avoid opponent's bullets, survive and win.

Delivery to the destination is unusual, because it will fly to her on a passenger plane, and land on a parachute. A convenient map will allow you to choose a landing point, as well as track the movements of rivals and available locations. Do not lead a guerrilla war, hide and attack from cover is prohibited. As soon as the character stops for a long time in one place, a suffocating gas will start to float around him, capable of killing the protagonist in a matter of seconds.

Armament in game will also have to be produced independently. At first, your ward is completely defenseless. Look for buildings and search them, open the closed boxes and find in them a variety of weapons. Bumped into more powerful weapons. Do not rush to throw away the old one, just move it to the warehouse and use it if necessary. Manage the gameplay using the keys ASDW, a space and the E button.