Start playing unblocked on our website to immerse yourself in the world of Battle Royale and become the coolest player on the server among thousands of fighters! Do not be afraid to fight, as it is just a game. After you jump off the plane, you will be able to fly by parachute and land in a suitable place for you.

Seek to immediately find a weapon on the sushi unblocked to immediately attack and defend their lives. On the battlefield there are many weapons: pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, grenades, flame throwers and more. You need to be able to properly evaluate the opponent. Pay attention to what kind of weapon he owns at the moment. If he has a shotgun in his hands, then close to him do not match, otherwise he will immediately be able to destroy you. If you have a gun or pistol, you better shoot from afar, then the benefits will be on your side.

How to play unblocked

It is necessary before the real battle to pass training to get skills and understand all the rules of the game. You can experiment and find your method of battle. Each player has an individual. To do this, go to the game a few times to understand how to play your character. Try using different weapons to find yourself the most suitable.

You need to control the character so that he skillfully picked the right items, not linger long in one place and at the right moment fired at the opponent. Keep an eye on the level of life of your soldier, and at the right time, lift him using the first aid kit. If you do not have it, you need to immediately look for it, so as not to lose. We wish you good luck and victory in this cool game!