Zombs Royale Zombs Royale is the best recent online browser application. Playing it will appeal to those players that team battles are preferred to single-handed warfare, and in battle rely only on one's own strength, agility and endurance. The only goal here is to survive and remain the last survivor, among dozens of defeated enemies and rivals.

All events will unfold in open terrain. There are almost no places for an ambush, only on rare occasions low bushes, trees and structures appear on the map, so conducting combat actions from the shelter is not an option. In addition, the slightest simple immediately causes evaporation of suffocating gases, which greatly weaken the character and even can kill him completely. To avoid the death of the protagonist, constantly move, look for advantageous positions and shoot enemy soldiers in an open confrontation. Zombs Royale will please users and a variety of weapons. There are various types of automatic weapons, pistols, rifles and machine guns. The truth at first they will have to be found. Most often they are hidden in chests and houses, in addition, weapons can be wrenched from the defeated enemy. Management is standard: WASD - movement, space - shooting, E - lifting the object from the ground.