Play online is the newest multiplayer online application. Play it - it's a pleasure. Unsurpassed graphics, dynamic plot, a lot of worthy rivals will make the minutes of the game simply unforgettable. Try yourself in an unequal fight with dozens of other players and try to survive in an unequal battle, the winner in which there should be only one - the most experienced player.

The main goal of the player is to remain the only winner. Those who do not fall under the bullets of rivals and survive, despite all the difficulties of the war. Choose your skin, enter it and start. Immediately after landing, start active fighting: look for potential enemies and shoot them at point-blank range. Do not stand in one place for a long time, the area around is full of surprises and your protagonist is constantly at risk of falling under the influence of toxic fumes.

Armament in is also not lying on the road, it will have to be searched. Most often it is safely hidden in buildings and chests. Search homes and open boxes, take away weapons from defeated enemies. Try to collect an impressive arsenal and use its various types at the right time. Operate your soldier with ASDW keys, use a space to fire, use the E button to select objects.